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Explanation of Sbobet Mixparlay Betting

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Who today doesn’t know or know the online sbobet gambling site? In Indonesia the sbobet gambling site is famous for mix parlay soccer gambling. From adolescence to adulthood, he is very fond of this mix parlay gambling bet, because the profits are many times if you win.

Well, at this time the admin will provide an explanation of mixparlay soccer gambling. For those of you who want to know the history and complete information about sbobet, you can read Wikipedia sbobet. Come on, just take a look at the admin’s explanation about this mix parlay.

Explanation of Sbobet Mixparlay Betting

Mix parlay is a combination of 2 words, mix itself means mixture / combination, while parlay means multiple times. So that the mix parlay can be concluded as a mixture / combination that produces multiple wins.

On the gambling site, the minimum mix parlay bet type is 3 teams that are entered into one betting bill. If it is less than that, you cannot install the sbobet mix parlay, while the maximum number of teams is not limited. What is limited is the maxpayout amount, you are free to install as many teams as you want, but if the max payout has reached the limit then you cannot add more matches.

For the calculation of mix parlay there is a separate formula, whether it is a full win, a half win, a match draw, and a half loss. With a note that if you play a mix parlay, you have a losing team, then your bet will be forfeited or have lost.

Simple Mix Parlay Calculation Formulas

The formula for calculating the payout for mix parlay gambling may be according to beginners and some old bettors who don’t understand it, it’s very confusing. The basis for the payout of online soccer gambling is odds or kei, this odds or kei is a reference in the payout that we will get while playing online gambling. Now the simple formula in the basic formulation of the following mix parlay sbobet:

Win full

(Odds 1 x Odds 2 x Odds 3 x etc. if more than 3 matches keep multiplying the odds) x the value of the bet placed.

Win half

To win half the calculation, the odds for the match are added by 1 then divided by 2


If there is a match draw, you just need to eliminate the match with the draw results then just multiply the winning match, or you can also divide the total odds you get with the match draw odds.

Lose in half

Now finally for a match that loses half the odds will be 0.50. Then you have to replace the match that lost half by 0.50.

That’s the simple and easy way to understand the sbobet mixparlay calculation. I hope this helps.

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