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Terms That Beginners Should Know In Sbobet Soccer Gambling

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Before playing sbobet soccer gambling, it would be nice for beginners to first understand the abbreviations that exist in the sbobet betting market. By understanding the existing abbreviations, of course beginners will not go wrong in placing the desired bet.

Abbreviations or terms that exist on the sbobet site or on other gambling sites generally have the same meaning. Therefore, on this occasion the admin will provide the meaning of the terms from the abbreviations that exist in this online soccer market.

Sometimes ball bettors, especially beginners, just carelessly place bets without knowing what they are placing. Or they just look for referrals from soccer prediction sites, soccer forums & social media.

This already explains that some online bettors are not familiar with the steps to install online soccer betting. Even though basically, in getting a win in playing soccer gambling we are required to understand correctly the meaning of the terms on the sbobet site.

Terms That Beginners Should Know In Sbobet Soccer Gambling

· Live / Live

All matches played on that day are on the sbobet betting market.

· Today

The competition has not started yet and will be held on the same day.

·The initial market

Menu for information on upcoming match exchanges.

·GG & JG (OE & TG)

The menu can even prove confident that in-match goal odds only apply to Sbobet.

·JG / TG ​​(Goals / All Goals)

The bet is believed to be correct in the match.

·1 × 2 and DC

Bets on menu 1 (home team wins), x (draw), 2 (away team wins) in a match For DC, the betting odds are doubled.

·Bet B (MixParlay)

Menus for selecting bets in several games where bets will be made.


Select the menu for other bets. Just like trying to guess the championship at the end of the season, the team being relegated, the top scorers list and so on.

· Mix Parlay Combinations

This menu is almost the same as the mixparlay, but the price of the stakes is a little different, and you can say that winning is easier.

You must understand the terms or abbreviations above correctly, so you don’t fall into the wrong bet. By knowing the meaning of the terms that have been mentioned earlier, of course the bettor can also play using the right strategy. You can get the right strategy by playing more often, of course it will add to your experience and be better at playing soccer betting.

Thus this article, hopefully it can help you beginners in winning sbobet soccer bets. thanks.

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